Writer of The Tower, Annie Siddons is joined by Katrina Taee , a former nurse, counsellor, end of life doula and co-writer of the book Surviving the Tsunami of Grief.

They talk about the complex grief of losing a parent when the relationship with that parent has been troubled and complicated by alcoholism or other factors.

Katrina talks about her personal experience of this and also reflects on events in the play which include what appear to be post-death visitations experienced by the adult child left behind.

Content information

This episode contains references to alcoholism, death, bereavement and grief.

About Katrina Taee

Katrina Taee started her professional life as a nurse and later trained to become a psychosynthesis counsellor. She worked as a volunteer counsellor for a hospice as well as running her private practice for 17 years.

Her special interest has always been working with those who are grieving which led to focus on end of life and eventually to training as an end of life doula with Living Well Dying Well. Katrina now works as a doula as well as writing and talking about grief and end of life.

She co-wrote the visual and oral guide Surviving the Tsunami of Grief with friend and fellow counsellor Wendelien McNicoll.



  • Produced by She Wants a Dog (Kate Chapman and Pippa Frith)
  • Assistant Producer Daljinder Johal
  • Sound design by Iain Armstrong
  • Sound editing by Fraser Youngson
  • Partner: Nottingham Playhouse
  • Supported by Arts Council England

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